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We want to personally welcome you to the Souls Harbor Ministry web site. Today the opportunities in technology makes it possible to fulfill the Gospel challenge that Christ gave to His church. We are happy and honored by your visit

to our site. It is our pledge to make your stay both spiritual and enlightening. We seek to serve you in a way that your life will become enriched with the great love of God and His many mercies of grace.

It is a joy for me and the members of our team to present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to many who have become our partners across the nation and around the world. This web site helps us to accomplish our mission to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to every person who will hear.
His commission is to give the message of hope to all the people of the world.

Thank you for visiting us. It is our prayer that your life will be enriched in our wonderful Lord, as you browse through the remainder of our site.

— Pastor Rick Libby

Office Tel: 207-285-3131 Canada: 1-855-276-1335
Souls Harbor, PO Box 275, Corinth, ME 04427
Souls Harbor, PO Box 611, Centreville, NB E7K 3H5 Canada
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