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Souls Harbor Singers

Bethany Gromel

Burney & Gail MacDougall

Carl & Violette Smith

Carol Shaw


Country Boys

Dennis, Cindy Michaud and Family

David Bean

Doug and Priscilla Smith

Elinor  & Kathy

Erdie & Julie Price

Evangelist Jonathan & Marcia Garlock

Frank Randall Jr.

Frank Randall Sr. 

Holly Jandreau

Holmes Family

Joanie Tilton

Katie Mann

Ken & Annette MacDonald

Kinney Trio

Kristin Dillon

Libby Trio

Mark and Mary Carter

Matthew Shaw and Singers

Maurice Gray

Merlita, Mike and Paul

Michael Doucette

Pastor Libby


Rick Libby

Robbie Phillips

Wanda St. Peter










Office Tel: 207-285-3131 Canada: 1-855-276-1335
Souls Harbor, PO Box 275, Corinth, ME 04427
Souls Harbor, PO Box 611, Centreville, NB E7K 3H5 Canada
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